How do we build a truly cross-screen product and production team, bringing together digital talent to create content across all of our consumer touchpoints?

  • Title: Senior Vice President, VH1 News and Digital Products

  • Platforms: mobile app, social, web, TV

  • Date: June 2011 - March 2015

In 2011, I came over from Logo to VH1 to lead the digital team which, for all intents and purposes, existed as a separate business from the TV network. This led to several examples of conflicting agendas and overlapping responsibilities between the two units, not to mention endless confusion on the part of our audience. So I proposed a major restructuring across the brand which would unite VH1 News, the digital editorial team, design, and social under one “Connected Content” team. Our mission was to create short-form content — anything from blog posts to visual memes to 6-second Vines to 3-minute videos — which could run across all of VH1’s screens and deliver new sponsorship opportunities and added reach for advertisers.

I led the resultant team of 60 UX specialists, producers, writers, editors and designers which generated a P&L of $55M with revenue of $38M across all platforms.

  • We built out VH1’s multi-screen offering, comprising 10 major mobile app launches and the brand’s flagship “TV Everywhere” OTT products.

  • I ramped up daily content output on branded and social platforms, resulting in YOY traffic increases over 19 consecutive months -- and culminating in VH1’s largest monthly audience in its history (15M UUs; 250% growth in under 3 years).

  • And we expanded integrated marketing sponsorships which rolled out across VH1 screens and in on-the-ground campaigns — driving over 50% of the group’s revenue.

A sampling of mobile apps I launched at VH1, including the network’s “TV Everywhere” streaming app.