Stable Genius Productions

How do we position and present the business case for a new production company focused on humanism and technology?

  • Project: Operations and business strategy

  • Platforms: Podcasting, live events

  • Date: Spring 2018


Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant left their cozy public radio perch at WNYC (where they created the enormously successful show, “Note to Self”) to stake a claim on an entirely new media entity — one they would wholly own and control themselves. The #metoo movement played no small part in this roll of the dice, but the core motivation was to build a female-led production company that would chart the future of technology, journalism, and capitalism from a more humanistic and, yes, female point of view. My role in setting up this venture included building their business plan, setting up operations, and working with them on distribution and sales strategy. If you haven’t, definitely check out their inaugural show, ZigZag. (And if you listen closely you’ll hear my voice pop up in future episodes.)