PRX (Public Radio Exchange)

How do we expand listenership for PRX with two new shows that aim to broaden their content and audience?

  • Project: Rollout strategy and marketing plan

  • Client(s): Julie Shapiro, Maggie Taylor, Avery Trufelman, Phoebe Judge, Lauren Spohrer

  • Date: Fall 2018


I’m working with PRX on the rollout for two new Radiotopia podcasts: “This Is Love,” from the makers of “Criminal,” and “Articles of Interest,” from the creators of “99% Invisible.” The challenge in both cases is to bring new audiences into the fold as fresh topics are explored (style and fashion for 99% Invisible; atypical love stories for Criminal). To a large extent, podcasts live in the walled-garden environment of mobile apps; well over half of U.S. listenership still occurs in the Apple podcast app. We moved aggressively to create eye-catching social content, targeted around new fan acquisition. Stay tuned for results from both campaigns this fall.