An appreciation: Peter Nidzgorski and "This Isn't Happiness"

Bless you, Peter Nidzgorski, wherever and whoever you are. While internet culture has largely moved on from Tumblr — which I find a bit sad (type “Is Tumblr ____” into Google and the suggestions that follow are: “down,” “dead,” and “still relevant”) — Nidzgorski’s art blog remains a vibrant and brimming visual feast. “This Isn’t Happiness” famously bills itself as a blog about “ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, DESIGN & DISAPPOINTMENT,” but contrary to that fourth adjective, my visits to the site consistently fill me with inspiration and sunlight. Scrolling through his feed restores my sense of wonder and awe.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 1.19.07 PM.png

Nidzgorski’s curatorial eye is wide-ranging, grabbing from obscure art gallery sites just as often as a random flickr post. A macabre sense of humor is threaded into the selections (although no context besides the originating site or artist is offered) featuring everything from pop art to op art to pithy memes. The site is updated several times a day, and rare is the post that doesn’t inspire a thought or a chuckle or a share with a friend.

So thank you, @peteski, and never stop. I love the beautiful place you’ve built in a little corner of the internet.