I was the Carrie Bradshaw of Japanese mobile phones in 2006

satc (1).jpg

Back in the aughts, the international distribution team at HBO made a deal with a Japanese mobile carrier to provide them “Sex and the City” content, specifically in the form of a weekly diary sent to customers by SMS. A popular language translation program offered these weekly “Carrie’s Diary” entries in both English and Japanese as a method of improving reading and language skills. (Needless to say, amongst my greatest regrets in life is not saving some of the “Clarification Needed” emails I received from the Japanese translators.) Each “episode” ran over the course of a month in four parts, delivered every Monday to Japanese Carries, Mirandas, Charlottes, and Samanthas.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my then-single friends for providing much of the fodder here. My personal favorite was the one where my friend met her boyfriend’s au pere, Elka, from childhood — and she and Elka couldn’t help but notice their striking resemblance to each other. Awkward!

Herewith, is my 48-week stint channeling the voice of Carrie Bradshaw back in 2006: