Burger King Takes on the FCC and Net Neutrality

Granted, the premise is a bit of stretch here — as the guy at the end of the video admits, “it’s stupid but true” — but give credit to Burger King for trying to teach the world about the dangers of a world without Net Neutrality. They’ve teamed up with Change.org to create a “viral” video in which frustrated patrons try in vain to get a regularly-priced burger without enduring excessive wait times. The cashier informs them that a new pricing system has gone into effects, based on Mbps, “Mbps stands for ‘Making burgers per second, of course.’” Outraged customers, many of whom have no idea that Net Neutrality will disappear if Congress does not act soon — or what that will imply — are offered a $26 “fast” burger. “This is a bad dream right now,” says one man, echoing a larger nightmare for those that are paying attention to what’s going on in the world.

My question is how much these candid-camera style videos actually penetrate into the consciousness of the people who aren’t up on the subject. Or does this clip just get passed around between avowed members of the resistance, shaking their head at these pitiable and ill-informed fast-food devotees? I’ll take a few million video views on the topic either way if it keeps the conversation going. But it seems to me like we haven’t fully sharpened our deliberative skills on this subject. It’s a complicated topic, and one that key interests want to make more complex, but at it’s core it’s yet another example of the government doing the bidding of big corporate interests who line their coffers. That, to my mind, is the larger message here, and one that would resonate in a clear and relatable way with burger-lovers of every stripe.