MOW Shaving

How do we build a brand narrative from the ground up (including a new name and logo) which speaks to category innovation and consumers’ latent pain points?

  • Project: Branding and content marketing

  • Platforms: Social networks, Web and mobile product, Investor materials

  • Date: January 2016 - present


The genesis of MOW began with an inventor in Israel who was tinkering with the idea of a “hybrid” razor that combined elements of manual and electric shaving into a unique device that promised to open up an entirely new category in grooming. The problem was that they needed a viable name, narrative, and logo in order to take the product out to investors and early adopters. So what began as a project to strategize a social and content marketing approach for the device turned into a complete branding overhaul from scratch. The result is a striking and vibrant brand, executed with the help of the very talented folks at Pentagram. Read my white paper here, which tells the whole MOW story start to finish.