A+E / Lifetime

How do we weave our brand into the daily online conversation about and by women? And how do we involve sponsors in that 24-7 discussion?

  • Project: Online and social content strategy, monetization strategy

  • Platform: Television, social, mobile

  • Client(s): Liz Gateley, Sean Cohen, Paul Greenberg

  • Date: Spring 2016


In early 2016, as Lifetime embarked on a rebrand and pivot in its programming to a more openly feminist POV, their EVP of Original Content, Liz Gateley, was looking to digital platforms which could embody and run with the spirit of this new, vibrant voice. We set up the structure for an “always on” team within the original programming group whose writers, producers, and editors could create content timed to the fast-moving pace of online and social platforms. The content would appear on television as well, in the form of short, timely interstitials. A key part of the puzzle was revenue, and restructuring sales teams to better capitalize on these cross-screen opportunities.