High Spirits with Denny Dickerson

Scripted podcast in development.

Mention the name Denny Dickerson today and the most likely reaction you’ll receive is a blank stare. But for listeners of a certain age, they just might recall High Spirits with Denny Dickerson, a strangely popular late night psychic call-in show hosted by a flamboyant and unapologetic Hollywood medium who counseled celebrities, First Ladies, and more than his fair share of lost souls.

Co-hosted by the quirky and ebullient Marlene Donnelly, the show ran from 1971 to 1983; at its peak, it aired in over 200 markets across North America.

Dickerson was at the top of his game, channeling an assortment of spirits to guide his devoted listeners on a weekly basis, when one day he abruptly vanished. Soon, memories of the once-beloved program began to fade, replaced in the public imagination by The Dr. Ruth Show and Coast to Coast. Both Denny and his show were assumed lost to history forever.

But no longer. Now, due to a remarkable discovery during the repair of the cracked septic tank beneath a Carl's Jr. in Palm Springs, the master recordings of High Spirits with Denny Dickerson have been found. Thanks to modern technological advances, we are proud to bring you the restored version of this one-of-a-kind broadcast. Nearly fifty years old, Dickerson's cockeyed, trailblazing show is a product of its time, but also a distorted funhouse mirror onto the bizarre and unsettling present in which we now find ourselves.


Listen/download a demo of the High Spirits.