How do we create rich, interactive experiences for fans that extend the life of their favorite characters beyond the television?

  • Title: Creative Director, HBO Interactive

  • Platforms: Web, mobile, gaming consoles, OTT apps

  • Date: October 2001 - December 2006

My work with HBO began in late 2000 when I was working at Razorfish; the original programming team approached us to help conceive a series of interactive “web episodes” leading up to the premiere of their mini-series event “Band of Brothers.” The success of that project led to a larger, in-house initiative to build digital experiences that would live in the world of shows such as “The Sopranos,” “Six Feet Under,” and “Sex and the City.” The idea was to work directly with the show creators and EICs to create games, narrative extensions, and scripted episodes that fans could play with on laptops, as well as on (then somewhat primitive) mobile devices. Check out the Carrie Bradshaw Diaries as one such example, and pictured below are several more executions.

The last project I took on at HBO in 2006 was the company’s very first foray into streaming video via an app. At the time, no one at HBO or Time Warner imagined IP-delivered video as a viable business, but we went ahead with designing and building an interface for on-demand full episode viewing. The framework we created would become a product launch called HBO on Broadband in 2007 and then HBOGO a few years later.

Highlights from the HBO Interactive catalog:

  • Big Pussy’s Poker Heaven (2003 SXSW Award Winner — Online Game): Play poker alongside some of the more illustrious former members of Tony’s crew who have passed on to a gentler place.

  • 9/11 In Memoriam (2002 Webby Award Winner): Companion to the HBO Documentary offering visitors a virtual wall for creating tribute tiles to New York and those affected by the attacks on 9/11.

  • Six Feet Under: The Wake (2005 Communication Arts Annual): Delve into pivotal moments from each episode to explore the complicated inner lives of the Fisher family and their friends.

  • Band of Brothers (2002 Interactive Emmy award winner): Watch and explore interactive episodes recounting the events leading up to D-Day.

  • Fate, The Carnivale Game: Tarot-inspired online game revealing easter egg content about the characters on the show.

  • The Wire: Battleship-inspired game where detectives face off against the Barksdale crew.