How do we leverage ground-breaking AI listening technology to open up new distribution opportunities for radio and podcasts?

  • Project: Content partnerships, VUI product strategy

  • Platform: Podcasting, Radio, Voice-input devices, Mobile apps

  • Client(s): Amir Hirsch

  • Date: Spring 2017 - present


Audioburst is an AI-driven platform that automatically indexes and segments audio content, making audio searchable, discoverable, and shareable.  The technology extract highlights (otherwise known as “bursts”) from long-form shows, and we then work with OEMs and apps to create new distribution and monetization opportunities for short-form audio content. My role has been to work with content owners and creators — across the spectrum of radio and podcasting — to partner with Audioburst, opening up their content to new modes of interaction. With the emergence of Alexa and other voice-driven technologies, the ability to search and present audio to consumers in a seamless way has become critical in this new UX paradigm.

Offering up on-demand audio in well-indexed, short clips is the future of how we’ll find relevant spoken-word content. And given the vast expanse and timeliness of audio being created today, neural network technologies and AI are the only scalable means to provide real-time, thorough results to both end users and third-party applications. Audioburst promises to be essential piece of that content discovery process.