A24 Films

How do we prepare for changes in the film distribution market and bring the A24 brand to the forefront with their potential fanbase?

  • Project: Content marketing, Branding, Business intelligence

  • Platforms: Social, email, e-commerce, theatrical

  • Client(s): Graham Retzik, Daniel Katz, David Fenkel

  • Date: Summer and Fall 2017


I worked with A24 Films over the course of 2017 on bringing together several existing initiatives within the company. Coming off of a spectacular (and unlikely) Oscar win for their film “Moonlight,” the principals at A24 wanted to diversify their content offering and make the brand more conspicuous with moviegoers. Superfans had come to recognize A24’s inimitable curatorial eye for unique films such as “Ex Machina,” “20th Century Women,” “Amy,” and “Spring Breakers.” Now, we wanted to leverage that enthusiasm to spur a larger following for the brand. Social content, merchandise, and limited-edition zines and posters were deployed to build a direct conversation with and pipeline to the audience. Email subscribers and social followers increased substantially over the course of the project, and insights from those efforts are informing the future trajectory of the company as the film exhibition business continues to evolve.